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  Test and certification

Increasingly, HSE legislation is demanding that all equipment and machinery is periodically tested for performance and safety. HTS has the necessary skills and test facilities to certify that your equipment meets the relevant standards and is fit for purpose.
Load testing

Load testing can be performed on a range of diverse equipment using our range of calibrated test facilities. Load testing may need to be performed on your equipment including the testing of cranes, cherry pickers, Hiabs etc. Test certificates are issued for your records.

Pressure testing

HTS has testing and calibration facilities to 700bar (10,000PSI). Our fully calibrated test bench has capability to perform reciprocating tests on hydraulic rams, completing hours of operational use in just a few minutes to ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose and has been repaired to a high standard.
Hydraulic System Troubleshooting
  Jack testing

Aircraft and machinery jacks are routinely tested on our special purpose jack test rigs. We have capabilities to test aircraft jacks to 50 tons. The load cells are fully certified and traceable to national standards. Full certification is provided for your records.

Gauge calibration

HTS has the capability to test and certify Hydraulic pressure gauges using our Budenberg rig. Our rig is certified to national standards and ranges to 400 bar. Test certification is provided with each gauge tested.

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations

As of 2000 it has been mandatory for users of systems incorporating gas under pressure to have in place a written scheme of examination. Our engineers are certified to carry out these examinations and provide full documentation to satisfy the regulations.

Aircraft Hydraulic System
System Performance Tests

If you suspect there is a drop in performance from your system, HTS has the necessary test equipment and skills to perform full diagnostic testing on complete systems or individual components. This can also be a valuable tool if regular testing is a part of your maintenance programme, as wear on components can become apparent long before they would normally be noticed and proactive repairs may be carried out to reduce downtime or further damage to other parts of the system.

IEE periodic inspection

As members of the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), we are fully conversant with the ever changing safety testing regulations. We perform IEE periodic inspection and documentation for a large number of clients with records going back many years. These include testing on systems we have designed and built in house as well as systems built by others. This important testing regime can highlight safety and operational issues which can be dealt with in a controlled manner, therefore avoiding severe accidents and even death of operatives or members of the public.

PATS testing

Portable appliance testing and certification has become the norm in recent years. We offer this service to our clients who have equipment in remote locations which we attend on a regular basis. This would otherwise prove very costly to perform as a one off test by their regular testing suppliers. All tests are logged on our digital equipment and stored in our computer database to ensure reliable record keeping.

Oil analysis

Oil is more than just a means of transferring fluid power to actuators. Oil-bourne contamination accounts for a large percentage of breakdowns in hydraulic systems. Analysis is an important tool in the fight against premature component failure. Oil contains many additives to enhance the performance of the system such as anti oxidants, anti foaming and anti sludge agents. These break down over time, and it will not be apparent except by testing that this is taking place. Regular oil testing can arrest the harmful effects of system wear by providing ample warning of system condition allowing preventative steps to be taken. These simple tests can avoid very large expense at a very small cost.
Hydraulic Oil Analysis

Component testing

HTS have been in the business of testing hydraulic and electrical system components for many years. Our test rigs can efficiently carry out full tests to pinpoint faults so components are not changed on a “change it and find out” basis.



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