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HTS are an approved UK service and repair centre for Tronair products.

TRONAIR is a leading developer and manufacturer of a large range of ground support equipment, with a reputation for quality and leadership in the aerospace industry. This relationship enhances further the range of services we offer, with the obvious benefits to our customers of major global manufacturer support.


Ground Support equipment is an industry term that refers to support equipment typically found at an airport that is used to service the aircraft between flights. Ground Support Equipment is generally kept on a ramp near the terminal when not in use for quick accessibility. GSE’s main purpose is to support the safe operations of the aircraft after landing and before taking off again. Ground Support Equipment usually involves a variety of aircraft mobility, ground power operations, and cargo and passenger loading operations.


A large stockholding of consumable spares is on hand to enable the fast turnaround of equipment that HTS customers have come to expect in our other areas of activity. Non stock items can be shipped immediately from Tronair in USA for urgent requirements such as AOG situations.


Along with the service backup for Tronair products, we provide the aviation industry with support for all other manufacturers ground support equipment, including Aircraft jack load test and certification, power cart service and repair, Tronair warranty repairs, GPU service and repair, Hi-Lift vehicle repair and testing and Aircraft component test rig repairs. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have a requirement in this area, please contact us as we can probably help you!

Hydraulic Power Units

Tronair offers Hydraulic Power Units to meet your specific aircraft requirements. Commercial, regional, and business airlines use Tronair hydraulic power units to reduce aircraft filter changes and increase aircraft component life. The Hydraulic Power Units have the best high-grade filtration in the industry!

Do you need any of your Tronair equipment tested or serviced for repair? For equipment repair and testing, schedule an appointment with us today!

HTS service, repair and calibrate Tronair GSE equipment

Airplane Cabin Pressure Testing Equipment

HTS provide aircraft GSE servicing, repair and calibration

Airplane Cabin Pressure Testing Equipment

HTS provide aircraft GSE servicing, repair and calibration

Aircraft cabin pressurization is crucial for a flight so make sure the cabin of your crafts is safely pressurized with products from Tronair. With Tronair’s cabin pressure testing you can ensure a safe flight for your aircraft and those aboard.

We are authorised service partners for Tronair are can provide servicing, repair, calibration and testing of equipment. Contact us today for all your GSE requirements.

Aircraft Jacks for Lifting and Shoring

Tronair manufactures a full line of quality, OEM approved tripod and axle jacks. The threaded rams of all 400lbs /182KG thru 60T tripod jacks are equipped with hand wheel safety nuts. Air pumps are available on jacks where they are not standard. Don’t take a chance with any other jack! Always choose the proven reliability of every Tronair jack.

Servicing, Repair, Calibration and Testing

We provide GSE services and repairs to the aviation industry and are based local to Heathrow and provide services throughout the UK. With our portable jack test rig, we can come to you for onsite testing of jacks up to 30 Tons capacity. Please get in touch for any servicing, repair or calibration of ground servicing equipment. Stay ahead of the game and ensure your equipment is safe and fully certified.